Craft Republic aims to provide innovative and quality focused craft beverage brands access to market.


Our team will work in a professional sales manner to execute our high quality standards. Our staff will continually learn and educate our customers on our brands and category. Being responsive to our customer needs and accountable to our supplier partners is critical to further develop our partnerships.


 We want to be an industry respected, customer loved, and commercially successful craft beverage distributorship, that always strives to have the best team in craft beer distribution.



Words from the owner:

It has been over ten years since I tasted my first Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA, and I can still remember catching that first aromatic blast as I poured it into my favorite glass. What a beauty! An intense, beautiful monster, with huge resinous hop flavor, intense hop aroma, yet a wonderful malt balance, and a vibrant deep orange color. I'll never forget that moment. It changed my direction.

Beer is personal. For me it's been a part of my life for so long it's an old friend. I've played a lot of roles over the years and drank a lot of beers. I've been account side, a brewery rep managing a large distributor network, a division director and a vice president. After so many years in the beer business, products don't often turn your head. This was a game changer. 

Craft Republic is about changing the game - to embrace the entrepreneurial founders of America’s craft breweries and be an advocate for the quality, innovation, and new ideas they stand for. If it weren't for ingenuity we wouldn't be drinking sour beer from cans right now. The American business renaissance has roots here and I'm excited to see and sell what comes next.  

Brian Dix, owner/operator


Erica Ivers

Central Command

Erica moved to St. Louis with her husband Brian, a Side Project Brewer in late 2016 after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail together. Before her PCT expedition, Erica lived in Chicago for 13 years and was working as a manager and bartender for the Goose Island Brewpubs for 8 of them. She loves a good Scotch, classic literature, a lively political discussion, and hanging with her two cats Tags and Meanie. Oh, and try not to hold her love for the Chicago Cubs against her!