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To discover and distribute outstanding craft beverages for MO enjoyment.

Since 2017, we strive to be an industry respected, customer loved, and a commercially successful craft beverage distributorship—that continuously offers the best craft beverages and mobilizes the best team in full-service beverage distribution in Missouri.


Our in-house drivers ensure timely deliveries while we continuously seek new horizons for expansion.

Through our Missouri retailer relationships, Craft Republic is the premiere choice in craft beverage distribution. Our service areas are focused in the metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, Osage Beach, and Cape Girardeau. As well as limited distribution into Southwest Missouri. To learn more about product availability in your area, please contact our customer service.


A legacy as long as Missouri’s own craft beer history.

Growing his career at a time when the craft beer movement was just beginning to take hold in Missouri, Brian Dix spent 20+ years working on both the distributor and supplier side of the beverage industry. 

The year 2008 marked a turning point in the craft beer scene, as it began to gain serious traction and shape Missouri's beer distribution landscape. Brian, recognizing the potential for growth and success in this field, became the Director of the Beer Division at Major Brands. Experiencing owner Todd Epsten’s leadership first hand, Brian absorbed valuable lessons in taking care of employees, building a nurturing company culture, and establishing impactful relationships with customers.

Craft Republic Founder Brian Dix

Even after years of establishing craft beer’s position in the market, Brian felt there was still something missing in Missouri's beverage distribution scene. In 2015, he embarked on an endeavor: bringing his vision of a diverse, more equitable, rotating craft beverage selection in Missouri to life by founding Craft Republic.

In some distributorships, craft brands can experience challenges. We strive to represent brands from across the world whose products are often underrepresented. Taking a thoughtful approach to choosing the partners we work with, we champion the brands that exude craftsmanship and quality, establishing them as cherished staples for Missouri retailers and consumers.

Now established as a proud pillar in Missouri's beverage industry, Craft Republic is dedicated to quality products, innovative beverages, and strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees alike. This has been the driving force behind our company's rapid growth and success.

Today, our team stays committed to the craft beverage community by continuing to offer new and interesting products. Pushing boundaries to elevate Missouri’s craft beverage scene, Craft Republic is broadening our selection of offerings to include spirits, THC and CBD beverages, sake, kombucha, and non alcoholic beverages to delight and inspire a new generation of beverage enthusiasts. 

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